Consider Yourself Lucky If You Have Pine Trees

Pine Tree With Snow Cover PhotoWisconsin is fortunate enough to have a large population of pine trees. Indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere, pine trees are evergreens, able to grow year round. Although they don’t drop their leaves and hibernate like other trees do, pine trees continually drop and grow pine needles. Pine needles stay for at least two years before falling off, even longer depending on the tree.

It’s also impressive how tall pine trees are capable of growing. The smallest pines only grow up to roughly 4 feet, but when the conditions are right, pines grow as tall as 150 feet.

Fully adapted for life in harsher conditions, these trees are able to thrive in environments where few trees could. The shallow roots are capable of drawing nutrients out of highly acidic soil.

Consider yourself lucky if you have pine trees growing in your yard, as they offer:

  • Year-round greenery
  • Natural wind barrier
  • Added beauty to any landscape

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