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Two Locations for Rapid Response Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington & Ozaukee Counties

Our certified arborists bring years of tree care experience, exceptional customer service and unparalleled industry knowledge. We carefully plan each pruning service to promote healthy growth and prevent tree damage.

Whether you need tree and shrub maintenance or a major tree removal service, Buckley Tree Service can help you. We provide tree maintenance year-round to ensure your trees are happy and healthy in every season.

Treatment Schedule

Treatment timing may vary depending on weather. 

Japanese Beetles
(March, April, May Soil Treatments)
Zimmerman Pine Moth Borer
Spruce Gall Adelgids
Apple Scab Fungus
Cedar Apple Rust
Diplodia Needle Blight
Dothistroma Needle Cast
Rhizosphaera Needle Blight
Volutella Fungus
Summer Mites
Spring Mites
Tar Spot Fungus
Pine Needle Scale
Magnolia Scale
EAB Injections
Oak/Elm Injections
Root Stimulant Treatments
Soil Insecticide Treatments
Consultation Winter Oak Tree Photo

"Everyone who has come to our home has been knowledgeable and friendly. We are very pleased..."

– K.F., Richfield, WI

Our consulting arborists diagnose plant health care problems and discuss any pre- and post-service treatment concerns we may have. We perform tree risk assessments and tree health evaluations to implement the correct plant health care program for your specific tree species.

"My trees look wonderful and healthy. I enjoy the partnership I have with Buckley to keep my trees healthy and beautiful."

– C.A from Thiensville

Buckley “The Tree Care Specialists” strive to make your plants beautiful by creating a healthy environment for them to grow. This starts with vigorous soil health and proper fertilization and root stimulants. A well-nourished and healthy tree is more resistant to diseases and insect infestations.

Chris Mader PHC Supervisor Mequon Fertilizing Root Stimulants Photo
Insect And Disease Tree Photo

"I can't thank you enough for your great service. You not only saved the tree, but it never looked so healthy. Thanks!"

– V.K. in Wauwatosa

We utilize a comprehensive Plant Health Care program that focuses on overall plant health. We tailor a program to your specific needs.

Buckley “The Tree Care Specialists” is an industry leader in innovative plant health care programs. We provide quality insect and disease control for the plants on your property.

"Everyone at Buckley provides great services and are very professional. This last time when I got home, I didn't even know you had been there, great cleanup."
– D.L. in Glendale

"The two men who took out the stump were terrific! Helpful, nice and efficient."
– R.L. in Mequon

Buckley “The Tree Care Specialists” strives to prolong the life and beauty of the plants on your property for as long as possible. When it becomes time to remove a tree because of insect and disease infestations, safety hazards or any other reason our Certified Arborists will remove your tree.

Tree Removal Stump Grinding
Tree Pruning

"Thank you for the exceptional service over three decades. We attribute your care in preserving our beloved trees. Your employees are consistently attentive and skillful in their work. Much appreciated!"

– R.M. in Wauwatosa

Buckley “The Tree Care Specialists” is dedicated to enhancing the health and beauty of your trees. We take pride in our work and strive to make sure your trees are pruned above and beyond industry standards. Pruning will help the aesthetic look and health of the plant.

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