Buckley celebrates 15 years TCIA accreditation, congratulates Jake Batterman


Buckley “The Tree Care Specialists” are celebrating 15 years as a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accredited company. “The Tree Care Specialists” was Wisconsin’s first TCIA accredited company. The TCIA accredits companies that provide documentation in many areas including: OSHA approved safety and training programs, as well as written policies to help employees perform better,…

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PLANT SPOTLIGHT – White Fringetree


White Fringetree is a wide-spreading, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree. A great specimen plant that is best used as an “airy” shrub for the landscape throughout the mid-west. They grow to a height of 12-20’ with a spread of 12-20’. Facts about White Fringetree They do well in heavy clay and alkaline soils and tolerate…

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PLANT SPOTLIGHT –  Magnolia Scale


Magnolia scale is a very common problem for most popular cultivars of Magnolia in Wisconsin. You may have noticed more issues with the magnolias in your landscape in 2021. Hot and dry weather can cause the insect population to multiply which in turn causes increased damage to plants. Extensive feeding on the plant can lead…

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Healthy roots result in healthy trees!

Bur Oak

Tree roots serve 3 primary functions to absorb and transport water and minerals to anchor and support the tree to store nutrients, food, and other resources needed for tree growth and health Common ways roots can be damaged Drought conditions can cause roots to dry out which leads to dieback and eventually can lead to…

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Consider Yourself Lucky If You Have Pine Trees

Pine Trees With Snow Cover Photo

Wisconsin is fortunate enough to have a large population of pine trees. Indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere, pine trees are evergreens, able to grow year round. Although they don’t drop their leaves and hibernate like other trees do, pine trees continually drop and grow pine needles. Pine needles stay for at least two years before…

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