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Viburnum Leaf Beetle (VLB)

  • VLB only affects viburnums and most commonly arrowwood viburnums.
  • VLB is a fairly new pest to southeastern Wisconsin.
  • VLB feed on the green tissue between the veins of the plants, causing them to skeletonize. This is similar to damage caused by Japanese beetles.
  • VLB begin to feed in late June/early July.
  • VLB can be treated with soil insecticide or multiple foliar sprays.

NewPest Viburnum LeafBeetle

New Pest Viburnum Damage

Boxwood Leafminers

  • Boxwood leafminers feed on the tissue between the upper and lower layers of the leaves.
  • Boxwood leafminers overwinter in the leaves of the boxwood and feed on the leaf tissue as the weather becomes warmer.
  • Infested leaves will become yellow and smaller than a normal leaf.
  • Boxwood leafminers can be treated with a soil insecticide or multiple foliar sprays.

Boxwood And Penny

New Pest Boxwood Leafminer Damage

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)

  • There was a confirmed case of RMSF in La Crosse, Wisconsin in July 2018.
  • RMSF is a bacterial disease that is spread by tick bites.
  • RMSF is most commonly spread by the American dog tick or wood tick.

Lone Star Tick

  • Lone Star ticks are more aggressive han other ticks, meaning they often actively pursue animals/humans for a blood meal.
  • If you see a Lone Star tick please contact the University of Wisconsin Department of Entomology.



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