Annual Training Day

One of our Certified Arborist’s demonstrating how to remove an EAB infested ash with our Spider Lift.
An Arborist removes the top of this spruce tree while another Arborist tends the rigging line to control the fall of the top of the tree.

“The Tree Care Specialists” held our annual Training Day for all of our employee’s last September in Franklin, WI. We reviewed techniques for safe tree removal using our new Spider Lifts as well as different climbing and felling techniques.

We also held various other training sessions related to climbing/pruning, stump grinding and Tree Risk Hazard Assessment. Our annual Training Day is merely one aspect of the extensive training process that all of our Arborists participate in during the entirety of their careers.

We are strongly committed to safety and take pride in the continuous expansion of our knowledge and expertise which make us better Arborists and enable us to provide the highest level of service to our clients, making us the best tree care company in the area.