Wisconsin Tree Pruning Services - Fenceline Clearing


A natural fenceline is clear and distinct.  Unfortunately due to many invasive species, such as buckthorn, fencelines become a jumbled mess such as this fenceline in Mequon. The tree care specialists from Buckley Tree Service will clear your fenceline for you, taking out the buckthorn and other dominant species of plants.

Tree Pruning Service Fenceline Before
Tree Pruning Service Fenceline - Before


When clearing a fenceline, Buckley Tree Service is able to enhance the health of the trees around your fenceline because they won’t need to compete for water and nutrients. Your fenceline will also look more beautiful and your sightline will improve.

Tree Pruning Service Fenceline After
Tree Pruning Service Fenceline - After

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Our Certified Arborists diagnose plant health care problems and discuss any pre- and post-service treatment concerns we may have.

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Is your favorite tree not looking like it used to? Wondering about a certain insect you are seeing? Our team of certified arborists and tree care specialists can help you map out your options.