Pruning – Yew Bushes

Shrub Pruning of Yews - After

Waukesha Pruning Services – Yew Shrubs Before This homeowner contacted Buckley “The Tree Care Specialists” for help maintaining their overgrown yew shrubs. These yews were deteriorating in health due to years of growth with little maintenance. Buckley Tree Service trimmed these overgrown yews, restoring their beauty and health. Yews are used commonly to hide less…

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Tree Pruning – Fenceline

Tree Pruning Service Fenceline Before

Wisconsin Tree Pruning Services – Fenceline Clearing Before A natural fenceline is clear and distinct.  Unfortunately due to many invasive species, such as buckthorn, fencelines become a jumbled mess such as this fenceline in Mequon. The tree care specialists from Buckley Tree Service will clear your fenceline for you, taking out the buckthorn and other…

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Silver Maple Tree Pruning

Silver Maple Pruning After

Silver Maple Tree Pruning Before This homeowner contacted Buckley Tree Service because their silver maple trees were overgrown. The trees blocked view to the home and posed a possible safety risk if they continued to grow any longer. Silver Maples are full shade bearing trees often branching into too many trunks placing excessive pressure on…

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Pruning and Raising Trees

Milwaukee Tree Service Prune Raise After

Tree Prune and Raise Before Pruning by Buckley Tree Services’ tree care professionals can enhance the health of your trees. This tree needed pruning of its lower branches in order force growth into the crown. Our Arborists utilized years of safety and pruning training, properly removing the overgrown branches. Overgrown trees not only take away…

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